We’re here every Monday and Friday from 1pm – 5.30pm.

There’s plenty to do and we welcome everyone to join in and give us a hand. Come along and be a part of this community.

Or you could pop in to have a look, chat about ideas you have or join us for a drink after 5.30pm on Fridays to discover more.

Whatdoyoumakeofthis? is workspaces and equipment for making and personalised learning.

It is a Community Interest Company and all proceeds and assets remain part of the community.

The initial thinking is to reengineer a number of shipping containers into a series of open workspaces, containing tools, for all manner of projects.

We are self financing, through workshop contributions and hire, with all money raised going back into the workshops, generating further projects and supporting those less able to contribute financially.

So, whether this is a break from your every day, a space for that personal project, or togetherness in tasks, simply get in touch!

R: I fancy building a Blacksmiths forge and reshaping metal, carry out some welding or learn to blow glass.

N: I’m keen to explore ways of reducing our reliance on energy. I’d like to make wooden tools from scratch by hand. 

You: What do you want to do?

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  1. I made a double bed frame from reclaimed lengths of timber stud. Basic mortice and tenon and some half-lap joints meant I could carry it in bits and assemble easily back home. It’s incredibly sturdy and only cost me one Saturday of my time (and a small contribution to the workshop). It was fun to make and felt nicely rewarding once put together and put to use. Thinking what to do next… Nic

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