All decked out.

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Over the course of the day the workshop will develop your skills in basic joinery.

You will learn to make Mortice and Tenon joints, Half-Lap joints, Corner Leg joints (a double mortice and tenon with haunch and mitre), making composite beams from old sheets of ply and studs, and decking using pallet timber.

Cost: £60        Start: 10:30am  –  End: 5:30pm

Includes: Morning coffee and lunchtime sandwiches from our good neighbours the Dusty Knuckle bakery and an end of day pint from the guys at the 40ft Brewery.

Ultimately this will provide the base for the next project ‘Stair well’ that will enable us to open up the second floor workshops. Lets learn and build together.

Come and join us in the Yard for a day of craft and graft!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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